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Today's business owner fights a constant battle regarding the availability and affordability of vital business insurance coverage in Florida. We want to help you win that battle! Let us work with you to place these important insurance coverages:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance-For most businesses, Workers' Compensation Insurance is required. And even when it is not required, it is "good business" to purchase it! It protects both employers and employees in case of a work-related accident. For the employer, Workers' Compensation Insurance provides protection from liability (in most cases). For the injured employee, it provides medical coverage, disability coverage, or a death benefit when appropriate.
  • Commercial Property Insurance-This is the essential coverage to protect the Building and the Business Personal Property of the insured.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance-Provides coverage when the insured becomes legally obligated to pay monetary damages (by law or contract) because of "Bodily Injury" or "Property Damage" to which the insurance policy applies.This includes coverage for Premises and Operations exposure  and may also include coverage for Products and Completed Operations, Contractual Liability, and Contingent Liability. 
  • Other Liability Coverages-There are many other specialized types of Liability Policies that may be required by certain businesses to protect them against risks that are specific to their industry. Among these Other Liability Coverages are: Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions Insurance), Liquor Liability Coverage, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Owners & Contractors Protective Liability, Products/Completed Operations Coverage, Pollution Liability Coverage, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance. There are many other types of Liability Coverage to address every risk exposure.

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  • Boiler & Machinery Coverage-Insurance which covers the insured for accidents causing a "liability" or "physical damage" loss (direct or indirect)  from the use of steam boilers or other machinery, such as air conditioning equipment, refrigerating equipment, engines, generators, compressors, pumps, transformers, and turbines.
  • Crime & Employee Dishonesty Coverage-Crime Insurance covers all kinds of losses from criminal activity except those losses that result from the dishonesty of employees. Employee Dishonesty Insurance, or Fidelity coverage, is solely concerned with employee involvement in crime losses. Coverages available under Crime policies may include:  Employee Dishonesty, Forgery or Alteration, Theft, Disappearance or Destruction, Robbery & Safe Burglary, Premises Burglary, Computer Fraud, Extortion, Premises Theft & Robbery Outside the Premises, Lessees of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities Deposited With Others, Liability for Guests Property, Robbery & Safe Burglary of Money & Securities, and others.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance-Covers the liability and physical damage of automobile exposures of businesses including private passenger type autos, commercial autos (including trucks & trailers), public autos (including those used for public conveyences), and special or mobile equipment with permanently attached equipment.
  • Aviation Insurance/Marine Insurance-These special coverages are designed for those businesses that are in Aviation or Marine Industries. These policies recognize the special nature of these industries and the special coverages that they require.
  • Corporate Owned Life & Disability Insurance-These policies can be utilized by companies as "Key-Person Policies" to protect against the untimely death or disability of a key employee, to fund "Buy/Sell" agreements between partners to ensure the continuity of ownership in the event of the death or disability of an owner, or as "Golden Handcuffs" to recruit and retain key employees. These are just a few of the uses of Company Owned Policies, but there are many more.
  • Surety Bonds/Fidelity Bonds-Although not insurance, the surety bond business is transacted within the property and liability insurance business. Surety Bonds guarantee the fulfillment of an obligation by one party to another party by a third party guarantor (the bonding company). There are many different types of bonds for the construction industry and other uses.

Although we know that your business is unique, there are certain risks that are common to most businesses within a particular industry. That is why we always look at industry specific "Programs" as a way to secure the best terms of coverage, underwriting results, and price for your company.

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