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Group health insurance, a group dental plan, group life insurance, group disability insurance, group long term care insurance, and a pension plan such as a 401(k) plan are all important parts of a comprehensive employee benefit program. We can help you to provide your employees with a competitive benefit package.

Our three step approach to Employee Benefits:

(1) Design the plan

  • We work with your company to build a comprehensive employee benefit package that meets both the employees' needs and the company's financial requirements.
  • The art is balancing the various types of group insurance plans, financing alternatives, and those intangibles that are unique to each organization.
  • Whether your company has 2,000 employees or 2 employees, you can rely on our 20+ years of experience working with all sizes of employer groups.

    (2) Implement the plan:

    • After agreeing on the design for the company's employee benefit package, we will draw up the quote specifications and work directly with the insurers to get your company the right plan at the best price.
    • Where appropriate, we will continue to negotiate with the insurance carriers until we reach the lowest price.
    • When we have collected all of the bids, we will make a formal presentation of the options and give you an opinion as to their merit.
    • The many different plan designs offered by the insurers is confusing to anyone who is not involved with the industry on a daily basis. You may not be in the employee benefits industry, but we are! We will explain your options in a simple, clear, and concise manner that will allow you to make an informed decision.
    • One of the guiding principles of our agency has always been that "We don't spend your money, you do!" Let us help you get the most for it.

    (3) Communicate the benefits:

    • It is of paramount importance that the benefit program be fully explained to the employees so they appreciate what the company has provided to them.
    • We try to run the employee enrollment meetings ourselves whenever possible. Our job is to not only explain to the employees how the plan works, but why it was chosen. Employees need to know that management has made a diligent effort to provide them with a competitive benefit program.
    • Our latest communication tool is this web site. Shortly, we will be announcing an important communication program for you and your employees. But until then, we have included a list of carriers with which we work that includes the most commonly accessed internal links for each insurance company. Employees will be able to access provider directories, insurance company home pages, and whatever other links that we can provide to make their web experience a little bit easier. And the same goes for our Administrators.

    See a list of our insurance carriers for employee benefits!

    Group Health Insurance, Group Dental Plans, Group Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance, Group Long Term Care Insurance, and Pension Plans (such as a 401(k) Plan) are important parts of a comprehesive Employee Benefits Program. Let us help you design a program to recruit, retain, and reward your employees.

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