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Marine Insurance: We can help with all of your Marine Insurance needs. We write the following lines and more:

Marine Workers' Compensation/Longshore (USL&H) is required of employers who have employees working on, over or in areas situated along navigable waters.

Crew/Maritime Employer's Liability,
often called Jones Act coverage, will cover an employer's liability to to their employees working on or from vessels that would fall under Admiralty Law. 

Marine General Liability
covers liability to the general public arising out of the employer's work in a marine job.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I) covers your liability to the public arising out of the operation of any boat/vessel, including Third Party Property Damage, Bodily Injury, and in many cases removal of a wreck.

Bumbershoots (Umbrellas)/Excess Liability policies increase the limits of liability coverage over Employers Liability, Crew/Maritime Employers Liability, Marine General Liability, P&I and Pollution coverages.

Ocean Cargo covers products or parts, imported or exported, manufactured in the U.S. or overseas, sold or shipped to a customer or inter-company, shipped internationally via an ocean bill of lading or an international air waybill, against physical loss or damage from an external cause. Coverage is available as an "Open Cargo" policy that automatically covers all shipments of a certain class of goods at a fixed premium rate paid annually or as "Shipment Certificate" covering a single shipment at a negotiated rate paid at time of issue. See "Why You Should Have an Open Cargo Policy"

Hull/Equipment covers the physical damage to an owned or leased vessel, barge, and contractors equipment, etc.

Loss of Hire (Business Income) covers the loss of income to a vessel's owner.

Marine Contractor's Package for marine contractors who work on vessels, build docks and/or seawalls, Stevedores, Shiprepairers, Wharfingers/Landing Owners, Marine Terminal Operators, Passenger Vessel Operators (harbor types), and related marine industries.

Oil Pollution Liability Act coverage is available to cover the legal liability of the owner or operator of a vessel or facility, to clean up oil, fuel or other pollutant spilled or discharged from a vessel or a third party having caused oil pollution damage.

Special packages are available for Marine Builder's Risk, Boat Dealer's, Diving Risks, Docks and Piers, Marine Concessionaires, Charter Excursion Casinos, and others.

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If you need Marine Insurance, contact a Marine Insurance Agency. If you are not sure if you need Marine Insurance, CONTACT US TODAY! We can help you to understand Marine Insurance and to secure the proper Marine Insurance policy for your company.

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  • Aviation Products Liability
  • Hangarkeepers Legal Liability
  • Errors & Omissions

Some thoughts on "The Role of Insurance in Aviation"
"The primary product of aviation to its community of consumers is the safety and security of its passengers.

Certification and safety standard are established by the FAA, but the insurance industry develops and enhances those standards to distinguished levels assuring the safety of the public and personal property. The end result is a culture of safety which is admired by all industries and attested to by the millions of travelers using the airlines each day.

The presence of insurance within aviation operations completes the safety package offered to the public."

John B. Deiters, C.F.I., A.T.P.
Global Jet Aviation
Miami, Florida

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