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Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance problems?
An Employee Leasing Company (PEO) may be the solution!

As the Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance market has become more problematic for employers, especially those in the construction trades, Employee Leasing has become an attractive option. An Employee Leasing Company, also known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), may offer an alternative to the Florida Workers' Compensation JUA for those employers who are unable to secure Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance in the voluntary market. But before you enter a PEO arrangement to get Florida Worker Compensation Insurance coverage, contact us!  We will use our expertise to try to keep your company in the voluntary Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance market!

PEO's provide a wide variety of services, but the primary areas of service include the following:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Risk Management/Safety

Although securing Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance is what primarily drives the Florida PEO market, many employers find other positive aspects to an Employee Leasing arrangement. Many construction companies have payrolls that fluctuate on a weekly basis. PEO's offer them a "pay-as-you-go" method of paying for their worker compensation insurance premium. Some small employers desire to provide Group Health Insurance to their executives through a "class carve-out," but find that the Florida Small Group rules prohibit that approach for small companies. Some PEO's will allow the employer to establish a "class carve-out" since their size removes them from the Small Group rules. And some employers simply do not want to deal with the demands of  government reporting and compliance issues. For all of these types of employers, an Employee Leasing Company may be the answer.

PEO's are flexible and each Employee Leasing Company approaches potential clients differently. This flexibility allows PEO's a latitude that is not present in the standard worker compensation insurance or employee benefits markets. Some Employee Leasing Companies will allow the employer to have their Group Benefits outside the PEO, while others will require that the employer buy them through the PEO. Some PEO's require the owner to be included for worker compensation insurance, while other Employee Leasing Companies will allow the owner to opt-out of the PEO arrangement. It is this latitude that makes an analysis of PEO proposals confusing to many business owners. We have the experience to make sure that you select the right Employee Leasing Company at the right price. We have relationships with many of the top PEO's in Florida offering the most competitive programs. 

If you are interested in Employee Leasing, you must make sure to get quotes from a number of companies. There is a significant difference in the cost of Employee Leasing arrangements. We can help you get those quotes and make sense out of them. The most advantageous PEO arrangements may not be from the companies with the "household name," or the highest visibility. Let us help you make the right choice!

WARNING! Most PEO brokers are not licensed to sell insurance in Florida. They can not secure a Florida Worker Compensation Insurance policy for your company. They only get paid if you choose an Employee Leasing Company! You may be opting for an expensive Employee Leasing arrangement that is unnecessary. We are licensed insurance agents in Florida who specialize in placing difficult Florida Work Comp. policies. If you are only interested in a PEO because you have been told that you have no other option to get Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage, give us a chance to get you covered. And if we can not secure a Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance policy, we will help you select the right Employee Leasing Company at the right price!

Contact us for more information on Florida Employee Leasing or to Request a Quote!

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