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Florida Worker Compensation Insurance: There are solutions to your Florida Workers' Comp. Insurance problems!

  • We represent some of the most aggressive Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance Markets
  • We have markets for tough to place risks, such as marine, high construction, oil wells, and many more.
  • We supplement them with access to additional companies through our relationships with Workers' Compensation Insurance "wholesale" agencies
  • We are appointed agents for the Florida Workers' Compensation Joint Underwriting Association. (Although, we prefer to take companies out of the JUA!) 
  • If necessary, we will negotiate a "consent-to-rate" policy to keep your company out of the JUA.
  • And if none of these options provide a solution to your Florida Worker Comp. Insurance problem, we can help you select the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO), commonly called an "Employee Leasing Company"

Dividend programs are back! If your workers' comp. policy does not offer a dividend program, you could be overpaying! We have dividend programs that start at $1,500 of annual premium. Let us cut the cost of your coverage!

Securing Worker Compensation Insurance in Florida can be difficult. Bring us your Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance problem and let us solve it! We will accept any challenge!

Our service does not end after we place your coverage! We will provide these services to your company:

  • Help in setting up premium savings programs such as safety and drug-free workplace
  • Rapid response to your requests for Certificates of Liability Coverage; and now for even     
    faster service:

    Login Here to Go Online to Create Your Own Certificates of Insurance

  • Help with filing for additional credits that you may deserve such as the Contractor's Credit
  • Continued monitoring of your open claims to minimize their impact on your loss experience
  • Review of your X-Mod prior to it being posted to make sure that it is fair
  • Annual review to make sure that we are meeting our commitments to you

    Click Here For a Free Analysis to Verify the Accuracy of Your MOD

WARNING! Don't let your agent put you into the Florida Workers' Compensation JUA without calling us first! If you already are in the JUA, call us immediately. Before you enroll with an "employee leasing" company, contact us for an objective view of your options! If your company is from out-of-state, don't rely on your local agent for expertise in the Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance market! CONTACT US NOW or REQUEST A QUOTE!

Our Most Recent Success Story!

The Challenge: Miami Beach restaurant has lost their workers compensation insurance coverage and their current agent is unable to help them find a new workers comp. policy. Can we get them covered quickly?
 Oct. 23, 2012 (via. E-mail)

". . . thank you for all the help . . . After months of dealing with various agents, you were the only one who showed that they cared and got the job done in such little time. Never an unanswered call, and never any tardiness . . . From here on, you're the only agent I will ever contact and recommend you highly to anyone who ever needs an agent. Can't thank you enough for everything, finally someone who cares for others."

Marco Musetti
Managing Member
ANMA Restaurants, LLC
Miami Beach, FL

 It is our pleasure to help our small local businesspeople solve their workers compensation insurance problems. Thank you for the kind words. We will live up to them.

 Another Success Story!

The Challenge: HVAC contractor needs coverage ASAP. Can we succeed in placing FL work comp. coverage where all others have failed.
 July 11, 2012 (via E-mail)

"I spent several weeks looking for someone to write a workers compensation policy for our company. I was told numerous times that no one could assist. I continued to call various agents as far as the Panhandle of Florida and still no success, then I found  Merle Silver and Associates.  Mr. Silver was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and diligent with helping our comapny procure a workers compensation policy. Merle Silver and Associates has our highest recommendation for assistance with worker compensation insurance. Thank you Merle for all of your time, diligence and of course Humor you took in assisting with the Workers Compensation Policy."

Stacy Gross
Envirotemp, Inc.
Gainesville, FL

 I could not have said it better myself. Once again, we succeed where the others have failed. I am glad that your search finally led you to us. I only wish that you would have called us sooner and spared yourself the frustration and aggravation of dealing with agencies that are not workers compensation specialists. Welcome aboard and thank you for the glowing recommendation. We promise to live up to it.

 Another Success Story!

The Challenge: Secure Florida Workers Compensation coverage for the Florida branch operation of a Virginia painting contractor.
 June 15, 2012 (via E-mail)

". . . thank you for your persistence in helping our company obtain a workman's compensation policy without having to go through the JUA or hire a company . . . to rent our employees back from them. Working with you has been a pleasure and you make it easy with upfront information and specific instructions on . . ."

Kathy Fitchner
Fitchner Services, Inc.
Haymarket, VA

Out of State is not a problem. Small artisan contractors are not a problem. We have the  Florida Work Comp. Insurance markets to get you covered. And we did!

 Another Success Story!

The Challenge: A small construction company with no prior coverage needs a worker compensation policy.
April 20, 2011 (via E-mail)

"Thank you so much for your assistance in securing Worker's Compensation for our company. You were knowledgeable and professional, always available to answer every question as you explained all the steps and details of his process. I felt secure in placing this important business in your hands."

Barbara Kozma
A-1 Craftsman Painting LLC
Cape Coral  FL

No prior coverage-no problem. Our extensive Florida Work Comp. Insurance markets can  provide solutions to a wide variety of worker compensation needs. And Barbara, we are still available after the sale to answer your questions and provide whatever assistance you might need.

  Another Success Story!

The Challenge: Construction company in a difficult industry needs a new workers comp. policy fast in order to begin a new contract. Their current agent can't get them covered.

March 9, 2011 (via E-mail)

". . . thank you for the diligent time  and effort given to my company in helping us obtain workmen's compensation insurance. I realize the difficulty in our particular industry and what we're facing . . . Thank you again."

Carl Deveaux, President
Devland Site, Inc.
Lake Worth, FL
 Another new client who found out that we can do what their local agent could not do, get them workers comp. coverage. Our markets cover the nation, the State of Florida and the South Florida area. Again, we proved that we are the "ones to call!"

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: An out-of-state payroll representative can write a new account, but only if he can help the client secure Florida workers compensation insurance. There are a few problems, such as, the client doesn't have current coverage, they are in a difficult industry, the payroll representative is in another state and his company's insurance division can't find coverage for the account.
April 2, 2010 (via E-mail)

". . . I was working with a client that need[ed] Workers Comp. Insurance and they were classified as a High Risk Business and we could not help them. I really wanted to help the business out. I called all around Florida looking for an insurance carrier that could write my client. On my 7th call I reached Merle Silver who was the first agent who said he could help. 1 week later the client was up and running for Workers Comp, and I received the payroll business. Without Merle's hard work and efficiency, I would have lost my deal and my client might still not have Workers Comp Insurance. I now recommend all of my clients to talk [to] Merle to see where he can help. The best part is when he feels the client has everything they need. He has no problem telling them that, and walking away from business. He will not sell something just for the revenue."

Paychex Small Business Consultant

Mike discovered what a lot of payroll representatives already knew-we can help them get payroll business! Having a payroll representative from a major payroll company call us for help is a common occurrence at M. Silver and Associates, Inc. Our access to local and specialty workers comp. markets separates us from the payroll companies insurance divisions. We take special pride in not only helping the difficult to place client get workers comp. coverage, but helping the payroll representatives service and keep their clients.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: A local company in a difficult to place industry wants out of an extremely expensive PEO arrangement, if we can get them covered!
March 25, 2010 (via E-mail)

". . . M. Silver and Associates, Inc. helped us find workers compensation insurance and are currently working on our liability insurance.

We appreciate all the hard work that they have put in on these two issues. They have been very responsive to our needs as a company."

Dan Elliot, Partner
Baires Nationwide Enterprises
 We are glad to have been able to meet the challenge and save your company a significant amount of money. Employee Leasing Arrangements (PEO's) are not for everyone. We only recommend them when they meet a specific need that our client can not meet through other channels.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: A Michigan company buys a store location in Florida, but their Michigan workers' compensation policy will not cover the Florida employees. They need coverage and they need it quickly.
March 10, 2010 (via E-mail)

"Please accept this letter as my appreciation for your prompt and attentive service.

I am thankful to have found your website, because I am very satisfied with your ability to get the requested insurance coverage for our company. Your professional attitude will make this relationship easy to maintain."

Roger G. Karnow, C.P.A., C.F.E.
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Alan's Men's Bootery, Inc.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism in dealing with our clients and the insurance companies that we represent. Our "prompt and attentive service" doesn't end after we place your coverage. We will continue to work with you to help you to grow your business in Florida.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: An Ohio company secures a contract in Florida, but they must provide proof of workers compensation coverage before they can begin the contract and their Ohio workers' compensation policy will not cover the Florida employees. They need coverage immediately.
March 8, 2010 (via E-mail)

"We are an out of state employer that decided to do business in Florida. We didn't know where to go or what to do in regards to Florida Workers' Compensation coverage. We were referred to M. Silver & Associates. What a relief! Merle walked us through the process of getting started and got us set up right away.

. . . he has continued to be a problem solver for us. When we had a claim, he worked with all of the interested parties to ensure the employee received the proper attention and made sure that the bills got to where they needed to go. Whenever I have a question, he is right there with guidance and assistance.

Merle Silver has made doing business in Florida a lot less stressful by UNcomplicating the Workers' Compensation process for me.

Thank you so much for your assistance and attention to our needs!"

Best Regards,

Letitia Scheck
HR Director
Integrity Concepts, LLC
D/B/A ServiceMaster Elite Janitorial Services
 It is especially gratifying to us when our clients voice their appreciation for our commitment to service. Too often, people expect good service, but do not seem to value it when choosing the agent or agency to represent them. It is our goal that our clients remember us for our service, not just the coverage we place on their behalf.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: A Texas Company, new to Florida with no prior coverage, has opportunities in Florida. But only if they can secure workers' compensation coverage immediately.

August 20, 2007 (via E-mail)

"I would personally like to thank you for your assistance in obtaining the coverage we needed for our Florida employees.  As you may recall, we needed to obtain the coverage on very short notice in order to take advantage of some opportunities in Florida. Unfortunately, as a new employer, we ran into wall after wall in trying to place the coverage.

We stumbled onto your website, but what a fortuitous event it was. Within a matter of days, you were able to resolve all of our problems. No other firm was able to perform, yet you made it look easy."

Billy Roberts, President
Roberts Realty Advisors, Inc.
Ft. Worth, Texas

I am sorry that you had to learn the hard way that going to your  local insurance agent from outside of Florida is not the way to get Florida worker compensation insurance. But we are glad that you found the Florida workers' compensation insurance specialists at M. Silver and Associates, Inc. We know the Florida work comp. market and have the resources to get businesses like yours covered. We take pride in making the difficult look easy.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: Help an agent from Georgia to find coverage for their cancelled Florida client with no gap in coverage.

July 20, 2007

"I would like to thank you for helping me with a very difficult Florida Work Comp policy . . . Unfortunately, no voluntary market would offer Work Comp because an employee had been shot in the course of a robbery last year. I called many FL independent agencies . . . They all refused to help me citing that it was too much work and not enough commission. I found your company on the internet & was so relieved when you agreed to help me. You were so professional, helpful and quick to respond. I now have a happy customer, thanks to you. I will be sure to refer you all my FL Work Comp business.

Leslie Davis, CPCU
McNeal Agency, Inc.
Warner Robins, GA

Glad to help, Leslie. We are always happy to work with out-of-state agents to place their Florida Workers' Compensation policies. We know how hard the Florida Work. Comp. market can be for agents outside of Florida. Our goal is to work with you to keep your clients happy and your clients! We value our relationships with agents as much as those with our clients. So, the next time you have a Florida workers' comp. problem, you know who to call.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge: To secure Florida Worker Compensation Insurance in the Florida voluntary market for a company that provides catering staff for banquet halls, events, and private parties that has been covered through the Florida Workers' Compensation Joint Underwriting Association for over two years. And again, we were up to the challenge!

March 9, 2007 (via E-mail)

"I just wanted to tell you how great it is to be dealing with M. Silver and Associates, Inc. You handled our account with the most professionalism, and you were able to get us coverage on the drop of a dime.

Before going to you we were in the JUA. The JUA was a nightmare to deal with and the rates they charged were astronomical as well. The agent I was dealing with lacked . . . the effort in getting me out of the JUA when it came time for renewal.

. . . I wanted to say thank you for taking care of us. You were a tremendous help in finding us coverage and not only that, you saved us a ton of money!!"

Joseph Janusz
Borrow a Bartender

It was our pleasure to help get your company out of the JUA. As we told you when we first spoke, "It pays to work with the Florida Workers' Compensation Specialists at M. Silver and Associates, Inc."  We are glad that we can add Borrow A Bartender to our list of Success Stories.

Another Success Story!

The Challenge:  To find Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance in the voluntary market for a non-profit corporation engaged in childcare, that was covered through the Florida Workers' Compensation Joint Underwriting Association for 2 years, has 6 locations, independent contractors, over 50% part-time employees, and some out-of-state travel. We'll let our new client tell you the result!

July 14, 2006

"We began speaking with Mr. Silver on June 21, 2006 . . . We are in an industry that is very difficult to insure and with Mr. Silver's persistence . . . we were notified of our successful binding with an insurance company outside of the FWCJUA on Thursday, July 14, 2006.

Within three weeks, Mr. Silver assisted us in saving $8,000 and for a non profit that is worth "gold." He is a wonderful person to work with and I will recommend his services to everyone.

Thanks again."

DeAnna Stinson

Director of Finance and Administration
Cool Kids Learn, Inc.

Thank you for the kind words, DeAnna. We are always happy to save companies money by taking them out of the FWCJUA. We look forward to working with your company for a long, long time. 

These are just some of our "Success Stories." Not everyone takes the time to write to us or allows us to post their letter on our website. So, if you have a problem getting out of the JUA, or you are from outside of Florida, or your agent has limited Florida workers' compensation insurance markets, or you have any problem securing Florida Worker Compensation Insurance, contact the Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance Specialists at M. Silver and Associates, Inc. We want you to be our next "Success Story!"

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